Basically, I say’s what I see’s. I don’t dress up anything, don’t ask me if your butt looks big in that unless you’re prepared for “It’s fucking huge anyway, what difference do you think a piece of material is going to make” Sounds bad huh? But with me, you KNOW where you are, I don’t chat shite behind people’s backs. I will tell you to your face. Some think it’s refreshing. Many appreciate the honesty, but of course, MANY do not!

…my blogs will mainly be about and concern ADHD, I am a sufferer and so are my adult children, even if the blog isn’t mainly about it, it will certainly be a result of ADHD as I see the world not through rose tinted glasses, but through ADHD tinted glasses 😉


I am presently 42 years old (DOB 1974) I had a stroke in 1989 (aged 15) I subsequently had major heart and brain surgery, plus (back then) undiagnosed ADHD which makes for an interesting combination.
I have yet to grow up, despite being the mother to 3 adult children and a granddaughter,
I struggle to keep my gob shut and will inevitably offend many TOTALLY unintentionally I live for the day when this doesn’t matter to me, unfortunately, that day is yet to arrive.
I am a writer and novelist and live in a pointless town just outside Cambridge called Royston (No I never heard of it before either) I am friendly affable, but can no longer claim to be gullible as I have lead a very complicated life and have LOTS of experience 😉

I am a teacher to many and a pupil to more, I love education and value its necessity, I value the young and the old. I am a person of many contradictions, I adore Christ, yet struggle to walk in the love he demands, because people suck!

I have a very unique perspective of our world, I hope you can read and enjoy that perspective. (sometimes the posts will be funny and/or informative and sometimes they’ll be brain farts, I’ll leave it up to you to decipher one from the other. Oh and I hate spellchecker 😀 just btw

EDIT: Oh and I am currently working on a book series that centres around the werewolf mythos, but a mythos with a difference in that their man-eating is an addiction, something that people with ADHD will recognise as a not too unusual coping mechanism we have a tendency to fall into. So if you have the time, check out the website for that which is listed below. It has a page that posts a series of short stories surrounding these creatures. You can also pick up the first of the book series in Amazon for the great price of £2.73