Having a hard time?

Are you struggling today?

gethsemane-1024x768I want you to know how incredible you are by virtue of birth.

You are a spirit, you possess a soul and you dwell in a body! That’s some supernatural incredible sh*t, right there!

Do you feel broken? Shattered by circumstances? Did you know there is beauty in brokenness, did you know that at your weakest God can be your strength, he can take his pierced hands, cup your face and whisper a word in your heart that will bring wholeness? A wholeness that is all the more beautiful because he pours himself into the cracks and shines like gold veins, slivers of precious metal. And stronger than ever before?

Did you know, after you break a bone, the healing produces a strength that was previously absent? That you can be strong in those broken places? Stronger than you ever would have been had you not experienced the shattering of life!

There is hope, you are not alone, never, ever, give up, hang on in there. If you need to connect? Leave a message.