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Hell was having a party

Hell was having a party.
They really were not expecting him.
Imagine their shock and horror
when Jesus walked straight in.

Grabbing the devil by the throat
was when the fight begins.
It ended with the devil
handing over the keys to death and sin.

The devil and his hordes
thought the battle finally won.
But how can brain damaged cherubs,
compare to Gods own son?

They didn’t see, how could they?
That this was all part of Gods plan.
That by dying in his place
God could redeem man.

For a price was around mans neck
And in the pawn shop he sat.
The devil rubbed his hands together.
The price? too high, he laughed, you’ll never get your child back.

But God knew nothing
was more valuable than his own blood,
And that his love for us ,
as powerful as a flood.

This high price would not stop him,
Only by his own blood, man could be saved.
So he wrapped himself in human skin
And that very high price was paid.



A single mother of 3 adult children. I am a writer, with ADHD focused atm on a novella concerning ho mental health affects not just the mentally ill but society as a whole. A Christian, my inspiration is drawn from the love of the almighty and my own experiences with mental health and how only through self-love and acceptance and identifying with Christ as who you are IN Him, can you navigate its pitfalls! I'm not where I want to be but thank God I'm not where I used to be!

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