NaNoHop adendem…

…just by the way? If you’ve started following me? THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!

IT IS BEYOND HUMBLING, despite it being due to NaNoHop and not my own ability!

I feel SO blessed every time I see that e-mail saying…

‘so-and-so’ followed your blog!’

Like SO blessed.

I mean, how blessed?

SO… 😉

Hope I can live up to the interest 😛

And Raimey Galant, truly IS a wizard, as said by my newest, friend Katherine Barclay! (Hey Katherine)

And I mean, a  ‘Gandalf level’ of wizardry going on with that girl!  My gratitude for this wonderful person is only matched by my bewilderment as to why someone would take on a task that required SO much for nothing else but that gratitude! Then again, I would WANT to do it, but I need more than gratitude to actually follow through (ADHD sucks THAT hard 😉 )

And sorry, it has just occurred to me that for my followers I am literally spamming the shite out of you with my posts today (again, ADHD, I just got a write-on hyperfocus going on today) And remember, you might not hear from this blog again, til Christmas 2017 😉

No, I am going to put an effort to make this blog a part of my erratic routine, IF I remember. 😛

Oh and I sold another book today. WOO-HOO!

I know that has fuck all to do with anything, but yanno ADHD 😉


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