NaNoHop? How on Earth did you find me?


I signed up for NaNoHop, but I didn’t include this blog.



So How did y’all find me?

It WAS fortuitous OF you, HOWEVER! (and fortuitous FOR me 😉 )


You all reminded me why it existed and what a missed opportunity it was.

You need to know, however, THIS is a blog about coping with a partial brain.

IF you want free stories concerning werewolves coping with addiction?

you need to sign up to this one:

The above is, my author blog and although it does consist of a blog, the blog primarily will be utilized to express my difficulties and triumphs in the writing and publishing arena!

THIS blog will be sporadic and I can go without posting for MONTHS! So, if you want a few and far between insight into the life of a brainless one. THIS MAY BE THE BLOG FOR YOU!!!

I REALLY hope it doesn’t sign me out at any point because GOD ONLY KNOWS what my password is 😉


2 thoughts on “NaNoHop? How on Earth did you find me?

  1. I definitely spent about 16 hours staring at my twitter notifications in bewilderment; I DIDN’T intentionally sign up for the NaNo hop in any of the platforms, and yet they’ve got my blog, instagram, goodreads, and twitter …

    But hooray for finding your blog again! And hooray for my finding your blog (although I’m also prone to forgetting wordpress exists, so who knows how long that’ll last).

    1. I know, but as I said, literally forgot this existed! I’m not even joking! I was like ANDREAS BLOG? What’s that? My ADHD means I have the memory span of a brain-damaged goldfish on the best of days, it IS TOTALLY fantastic but it was, for me, not just bewildering but frightening! Namely, because my first reaction was ‘OMG can I even gain access to that platform, luckily I haven’t yet broken the laptop I used to access it and passwords have been saved) It is great, though! There’s also the whole, ‘Oh man, now I have to start writing seriously again, cos now I’ve got an audience and expectation and anxiety waves at me, whilst also winking and suddenly I’m on a roller coaster and the darn thing has just tipped over the edge and I’m about to free fall and stuff, you know, just stuff. 😉

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