Hey guys, how you doing?

So, I found this… on my other blog…

Hello, my name is Andrea and I am an addict

This is a link to it. I posted at the beginning of the year and forgot about, easy to do, I write A LOT! Anyway, I found it today and thought I’d share it with you!

And just to reiterate, “I can’t tell you how to write better but, I can use my writing to share my experiences which include that of addiction and its pitfalls and so the set of characters I have been writing about are characters which I hope will open up the world of addiction in quite a new way…

Hello, my name is Andrea and – aswell as being a div with ADHD. I… Am… An addict, writing about werewolves being addicted to eating humans against their natural instinct; as a way of excorcizing my own demons! 😀

Which I hasten to add isn’t too unusual for ADHDer’s. Well, addiction isn’t unusual, I’m unsure as to whether writing about it in metaphors is a thing with ADHD or not. 😉 HOWEVER. Addiction is merely one of a myriad of coping mechanisms we have a tendency to drift into! So I thought it worth reblogging on WordPress.

Incidentally, if you enjoy my posts on here, please subscribe to my other website also as I’m sure you’d enjoy reading my short stories on your commute on the way to work (They are posted monthly!)

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