I am SUCH a div but I think I’m getting there!

I swear to God, you people have NO IDEA how lucky you are to think in a neuro-normal way! What’s that like? Seriously. I have been blogging on here for… (ADHD MEMORY?) a shite long amount of time and I STILL have no fucking clue how to run this site. (EDIT: Completely separate issue but I HAVE to share this, Grammarly is asking if I’ve mistaken the word shite, for white! LOL. Ty but no)

Like, slugs, categorising, etc, that is bad enough, but hell, I have made my life OH SO much more easy (being sarcastic btw) by adding another site! WHAT THE FUCK WAS I THINKING? I should have just added a page to this! LOL! (I tried, couldn’t figure it out for love nor money, hence the confusing-atm- menu) WORSE THING OF ALL? I have a menu and no idea how to sync a post with a certain page, so I’m fucking up majorly.

Thinking of actually having a static page on the website with some sort of notice saying,

‘WARNING! I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m posting stories once a month, good luck with finding them!’

Hardly professional, though!

I mean, who would want to read stories that were so difficult to find, it is a website, not a fucking Easter egg hunt! And Gosh, if you did have to hunt for them, they’d better be bloody good eh? I can’t get no fucker to read them when I hold up a fucking illuminated blinking beacon! What chance I got with them hidden?

Have to say, it is making me laugh and if I’m totally honest, it kind of eases the pressure somewhat because then getting it right visually isn’t as important is it?

At the moment I’m vacillating between laughing at it and feeling quite ok to absolute anxiety! Although, I must say, I read the 2nd part of my story this morning and it lifted me because I think it is really good! And that’s all that counts but fuck me if I gotta worry about something and the fact, my short stories are all over the website rather than where indicated in the menu! (Honestly, I actually have no idea where they are 😉 – but I digress)

Please don’t leave me messages explaining the simplicity of it unless what you explain is ‘it in its simplest form!  Like clear instructions. And I need bullet points, LONG explanations cause my brain to switch off! I mean, I don’t know what a fucking widget is, so don’t EVEN begin to send me down that path! PLEASE?

It has just occurred to me, I don’t even know where these posts go on this site. (Although I AM aware of the archive menu on both sites, DOESN’T help, honestly!

You know why?

Because I’m a div 😉  I know I am, because I did figure it out once then forget everything I learned 😦



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