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Hey guys, how you doing? So, I found this... on my other blog... Hello, my name is Andrea and I am an addict This is a link to it. I posted at the beginning of the year and forgot about, easy to do, I write A LOT! Anyway, I found it today and thought I'd [...]


A. D. H. D. ISN’T a B*****!

Hey, Long time no write, I know, my life's a mess so maybe I'll get that regular writing thing down next year but y'all know my feelings on new years resolutions so not much hope there 😉 I want a puppy no a kitten! -YOU LIVE IN A HOBIT HOLE, YOU CAN'T! - I know 😦 [...]


 I have been away for a bit and yes I've posted 2 posts in the past week but they were generalized. I have decided it is time to take off the mask and be vulnerable for just a moment, to open up because I want to help others. Am I really alone? I can't be can [...]

I am SUCH a div but I think I’m getting there!

I swear to God, you people have NO IDEA how lucky you are to think in a neuro-normal way! What's that like? Seriously. I have been blogging on here for... (ADHD MEMORY?) a shite long amount of time and I STILL have no fucking clue how to run this site. (EDIT: Completely separate issue but [...]

Dear Neighbour,

People? THINK before you rage on a neighbour who’s children are a bit more boisterous than your own! It isn’t easy coping with a special needs child and on top of your worry for them, the LAST thing you need to think about is what others think!

Confessions Of An ADhd Childs Parent

I’m sorry that my son has a disability. I’m sorry that it affects your perfect little lives. I’m sorry that my son has meltdowns, damages my property and that the noise from this is too loud for you. I am sorry that I do not have a volume control for his loud voice, and that it intrudes on you. But mostly I’m sorry that your narrow minded ignorant views can’t be educated.

I’m glad you haven’t had to go through what I’ve been through. I am glad that you have your perfect life, with your perfect child, and perfect jobs, and lovely holidays I’m glad that you haven’t had your windows smashed, graffiti all over your house and your cars smashed, because of your child. I’m glad that you don’t understand what I have to go through day in, day out. Because do you know what? I wouldn’t wish it…

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I am medicated! STILL depressed! Now what?

Recently, I have found something quite distressing has been happening to me. My circumstances have not changed and yet every day little by little an extraordinarily potent sense of apathy has crept into my senses and is robbing me of all my peace. I know what it is and many of you do too. That [...]