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The Heir Of Gevaudan

Dr. Lucy Gevaudan is a prominent pathologist.
She has been haunted for years by the legend connected to her name.

As a child, her grandfather regaled to her, tales of the men who lived among them, the men that were really wolves. How these wolves loved and revered her. How she belonged to them.

As a child, it had made up for the absence of love from her cold father and dead mother and of course, she had no comprehension of the cruelty of dementia.
As an adult? It made her feel different and just separate.

Even science has been unable to remove that feeling. As a woman in a position of power, and with her intimacy issues, she often escaped into the fantasy life of the submissive, but now a killer is specifically targeting submissive women within the BDSM community.

During this time, she meets a dungeon master. She could never imagine how meeting this
man would coincide with a change that would radically alter her life forever.

The reason for her attraction to him is revelatory.

Plunged into a nightmare that causes a change, Lucy is confronted with a truth that reveals to her exactly why she has never connected to the human race.

Maybe her grandfather’s stories weren’t the effects of a dementia-addled brain after all….

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